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Elisabetta Brittelli's business farm, grown in a landscape of extreme beauty, it's loca- ted at an altitude of about 200 m, on the le- vel of sea, along the slopes of the hills of Roccabernarda, a town of 4000 inhabi- tants, rises along the Tacina stream, in a predominantly hilly area, In Calabria.
A story of passion and commitment, which began in Roccabernarda, a land where the culture of oil has been rooted for centuries. And here that Saint Bonofiglio and his sons begin to introduce olives and olive oil quality on the territory and tell a love story every day based on one company policy with zero impact, in harmony with the envi- ronment.
Especially Francesco, graduated in Com- puter Science, a lover of the earth and natu- re.
From an early age he accompanied his fat- her on the journey of the olive develop- ment, and admiring his charismatic being, he continued to show him a path made of traditions, sacrifices, wisdom, to the rhythm of time and seasons, in the pre- sence of trees of olives that make people "talk and keep quiet".
The search for the genuineness of the pro- ducts, the well-being of the soil, plants and natural balances, the protection of biodi- versity, sustainability and the health of con- sumer, brought Francesco and his wife, Eli- sabetta Brittelli, to in dress in the territory and in the quality of its organic product, through the cultivation and production tec- hnique of an oil that respects the environ- ment and the landscape.
In the heart of Italy, in a small Calabrian town, Roccabernarda (KR),
the Brittelli Elisabetta farm also enters the market in 2020 transforming the products of their land into jams and marmalades of season.
A family that has its roots in love for the land and that today it intends to enrich tra- dition, to consolidate an identity that ho- nors its origins and looks to the future.
A new image, new ideas, preserving the spi- rit and willpower to spread the symbols of a land, Calabria, where the sun is also a typical product and make known the most delicious our territory can to offer.
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