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Corallini Sweet Catering sas

Founded in Pizzo in 1970, the "Gelateria Corallini" company has been able to evolve from a simple summer meeting place into an established center for the production and tasting of the famous "PIZZO TRUFFLE" without neglecting to take care of the other specialties of the Napitina Gelateria.
Renewing the knowledge of the master ice cream makers for three generations, proudly using today as ever only genuine raw materials (milk, sugar and fresh eggs).

Corallini ice cream is a timeless classic that transforms the dessert ritual into a pleasant daily habit.

Always in search of excellence, Gerolamo Corallini (Gigi for everyone) is witness to a company philosophy that passionately respects traditional methods and processing times, a simple art, made of a careful selection of top quality ingredients, and of a accurate manual workmanship, of expert family secrets that only the true bond between fathers and children brings to life and grow over time.
Corallini Sweet Catering was created to carry on the family art that is almost half a century old and the tradition of a small seaside village, Pizzo di Calabria, renowned city of ice cream for the high level of quality and originality achieved by its master ice cream makers.

From this art we propose and interpret very fine ice cream specialties in single portions intended for the Horeca channel
Via Riviera Prangi
89812 Pizzo (Vibo Valentia)
Product Catalogue
Tartufo di Pizzo Corallini
Cocoa and hazelnut ice cream. Two flavors that hide a softness in their embrace heart of chocolate fondue.
Rum ice cream, Mediterranean pistachio ice cream, ladyfingers, milk cream, candied fruit, dark chocolate sprinkles
Stuffed Pistachio
The delicate flavor of Mediterranean pistachio combines with the intense taste of dark chocolate
Stuffed Lemon
Lemon ice cream from Calabria and Sicily with a fresh, delicate and refreshing taste enriched by a lemon fondue. gluten free
Dessert with a full-bodied flavor with Brazilian cocoa and a sweet heart of honey and orange jam. gluten free
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