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Birra Kalabra was born in 2014 from the idea and passion of a thirty young man, William, who believed strongly that Calabria deserved its own place in the world. William was very stubborn to not leave his home country, while many young people were forced to emigrate from Calabria.The mission of Kalabra,our mission, is first to produce a craft, natural, and high-quality beer, with particular attention to raw material. Secondly, to keep up and enhance the name of Calabria and let everybody know that Calabria is not only about clichés which usually people think about it. We can do lot of things, even beer!
So Kalabra wants to honor Calabria not only by its name, that obviously recalls Calabria, but also using some native raw materials in the production of its beers. Also, we want to let all Calabresi and Italians living far from Calabria feel at home when they are drinking a glass of beer!

Kalabra produces beer with taste, passion, and tradition, as our motto says.
We specialized in craft beers but in the last years we expanded our business with products which do not concern only beer but are closely related to it, like bakery products and spirits.
Kalabra offers different beers, from the most classic Belgian and American style, as said before, to those that use native raw materials, such as:

1)“Bergamotto”, Belgian style beer which uses the famous citrus, bergamot, that grows in a specific corner of south Calabria: the Ionian Sea coastal areas of the province of Reggio Calabria.
2)“Black Ipa”, American style, which uses bio licorice from Calabria, in the form of dried stick of licorice root.
3) “Honey”, Belgian style which uses honey from Locri area; in this area bees find an uncontaminated habitat and rich vegetation.

We had also in catalogue, but now out of production, “Kalabra Kiwi” and “Kalabra Saison”, first one with kiwi from Gioia Tauro, an area that has excellent pedo-climatic characteristics that make this area one of the main producers of kiwi in Italy, the second one is with elderflower.

With regard to the “not beer product” we have in our portfolio product an Italian Christmas typical product, “Craft Panettone with Kalabra Bergamot beer”, with candid bergamot cubes, white chocolate and of course Bergamot beer.
“Kalabra Black Ipa craft buiscuits” are our absolute novelty. They are butter buiscuits with Black Ipa beer: these cookies are surprising because sweet and bitter are perfectly mixed.
And finally, we have also different kind of Spirits:
“Bitter with hop extract” and “Hop extract”. The first is a bitter obtained from an infusion of hops and other herbs, the second is got by infusion of only hop. That's why its color is extremely clear.
Both have an alcohol level of 30%, and the second is more bitter than the first. The match between the cookies and these spirits is perfect!

In 2020, during pandemic, Kalabra starts a brave restyling and rebranding process, the expansion of the range and the works on the new production plant.
Via Pescara 12
88050 Caraffa di Catanzaro (Catanzaro)
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